Career and Tech Education

Career and Technical Education is about helping students, workers and lifelong learners of all ages fulfill their working potential. First and foremost it's about high school and college education that provides students with:

  • Academic subject matter taught with relevance to the real world, often called contextual learning.
  • Employability skills, from job-related skills to workplace ethics.
  • Education pathways that help students explore interests and careers in the process of progressing through school.

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Career & Technical Education

Earn college credit while taking a career and technical education course!

Career and Technical Education can provide a foundation of skills that enables high school graduates to be gainfully employed. Nearly two-thirds of all high school graduates of career and technical programs enter some form of postsecondary program. Rigorous academic content tied to technical subject matter ensures that these students will be ready for employment, further technical training, or college.

Career & Technical Education

Programs of Study

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Participation and successful completion in a CTE program may provide opportunities, including:

  • Earning possible college credit while in high school.
  • Participation in school to work activities: internships, cooperative education-OJT, and job shadowing.
  • Qualifying for Florida Gold Seal, one of Florida's Bright Futures Scholarships.
  • Earning recognized Industry Certifications in eligible programs.

Career & Technical Education

The Benefits

  • Get A Better Job.
    The overwhelming majority of jobs in this country require a high school diploma.
  • Continue Your Education.
    A GED diploma is accepted at most colleges and universities across the country as proof that you have completed your high school education. Some colleges even have a special scholarship program for GED graduates.
  • Feel Better About Yourself.
    By earning a diploma, many GED graduates experience a remarkable improvement in how they feel about themselves and their lives. It makes a difference!
  • Increase Your Income.
    Income increases with your level of education. A better job usually means better pay.

For more information, please contact your guidance counselor or career specialist.